A Crafty Collection:

This e-commerce site provides an online shopping opportunity for customers of A Crafty Collection.

This site integrates the Zen Cart open source shopping cart application. Zen Cart is an open source project that uses PHP and MySql running on a Linux platform. The site design uses templates that allow customization using CSS and PHP.

The web site integration is by Coderiver staff.

Little River General Contractors:

This site was created for Little River General Contractors, an East Coast general contracting firm.

This firm provides general contracting services up and down the eastern seaboard. This site was created using PHP and CSS. Several forms are provided to generate email feedback to the owners from potential customers. Some search engine optimization was preformed to maximize Google page rankings.

The design and coding all were done in-house by Coderiver staff.

Boulder Public Library
Site of the Boulder Public Library. 

We have been working with a team on various parts of this site, including setting up a search using Index Server, and an on-line web calendar, and interactive reference library features.

Implemented a Grants-Online program which allows library employees to submit grant requests, and library Foundation member to view and approve grants online. It also features a system for funds to be allocated and kept track of. (requires login)
Implemented the reference site, which has an administrative login that allows reference librarians to modify the reference information that is available to library patrons. (administrator section requires login)

Site currently being maintained by Debra Hopkins as a team member.

Carnegie Branch Library: Oral History

Site of the Boulder Public Library Oral History Online 

This site uses ColdFusion and Flash technology, with an Access database. It provides text searching capabilities, online audio, and connects records to the Boulder Public Libraries III library system. Currently, the online sound is available only within the library as permission to allow internet access of the interviews is being sought from the interviewees.

Site currently being maintained by Debra Hopkins.


Site of SurveyConnect, an online survey firm, specializing in 360 surveys for human resources.

Developed online 360 program which allows administrators to create, manage, and view real time reports. Login required to the trial 360 site.

Ongoing development.

Real-Time Weather Charts: (sample page)

This site is a Java servlet that displays the data gathered in real time from a digital barometric pressure and temperature monitor. An independent Java application gathers the data from the instrument and stores it in an Oracle database.

The data is displayed in a graph, the units can be changed to suit the needs of the user at any time. (the sample page is not dynamic and demonstrates the typical settings).

We developed and implemented this application for demonstration purposes.

Global Emissions Inventory Activity

Site provides downloadable global emissions data to the scientific community.

Makes use of registration forms to keep track of who has downloaded data files, and what files they have used . (databutton, select an emission, download data) Buttons change on mouse-over.

We developed and implemented this site, and currently handle updates to it.

Site currently being maintained by Debra Hopkins.

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence
(now maintained by University of Colorado)

Sites with information to the community on violence prevention.  Site features a database with on-line access to publications. (information house/databases)

We have handled updating and maintenance of this site for the past two years. 

Site use an image map to show statistics on school violence. (main page/statistics)  

We developed and implemented this site.

Triple V Building Enterprises
(sorry, site removed due to restructuring of the company)

Commercial site, uses ColdFusion to connect to a database of properties available, and allow the user to select properties based on certain criteria. (go to rentals/quicklist)

We were hired to "clean up" this site as it was not working and had numerous design problems. We then trained staff to handle the web updates.

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