Christopher S. Brooks' Resume

EXPERIENCE 1/2001 - Present Prof. Fogs Workshop Mesa,AZ
Director of Software Engineering
* Created 3d graphics engine for realtime 3d game
* Created 2d game engine for children's educational title

7/2000 - 1/2001 Cinematix Studios Tempe,AZ
Lead Software Engineer
* Lead a team of three other programmers on a large-scale PSX2 game project
* Utilized NetImmerse scenegraph API, and Havok physics simulation middleware

8/1999 - 7/2000 NOVO San Francisco, CA
Assoc Senior Software Engineer
* Wrote Java code to create error logging objects dynamically based on config file input
* Co-wrote a Director/Shockwave application using Lingo to interactively animate 2d sprites in a 3d-looking pattern
* Maintained WebObjects applications in ObjectiveC

8/1997 - 7/1999 Rainbow Studios Phoenix, AZ
Software Engineer
* Wrote C++ code to manage video card memory for usage storing textures for realtime 3D objects
* Worked with graphic artist to develop user-interface screens for statistical portion of a major consumer software product (a baseball computer game)
* Wrote code using Visual C++ to present data to user and allow filtering and manipulating data

8/1996 - 8/1997 Evergreen Internet Chandler, AZ
Software Developer
* Worked with a small team to design and code server-based Internet commerce package in C++
* Created library of classes for various purposes, including data structures, thread-synchronization, and adapting a non-threadsafe database client interface to a multithreaded environment
* Assisted other developers with their transition from Perl and C, to C++; and from single-thread, one-task-per transaction CGI model to multi-threaded server model
* Created a C-like scripting language using yacc and lex to allow for embedded SQL and other processing in web pages

* Fall 1996, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona; Major in Computer
Science at College of Engineering and Applied Sciences; GPA 3.8
* Summer 1995 - Spring 1996, University of Louisville, Louisville
Kentucky; Majored in Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science at
Speed Engineering School; GPA 3.8

* Windows development in various languages, including Visual C++ 5 and 6, MFC
* OpenGL, DirectX, Direct3D
* Unix development (Solaris, HP and Linux)
* Multithread and multiprocess synchronization
* In-depth knowledge of C++ and C
* Informix, SQL, Visual BASIC, PowerBuilder
* Java, both server-side and applet
* Javascript
* 3d Studio MAX
* PHP 3
* Client/server, interprocess communications (including sockets)
* HTML, web-page design, CGI scripting; PhotoShop 5
* yacc and lex
* Perl, including complex regular expressions
* Unix configuration management and source control using Perl
* WebObjects; ObjectiveC, WebScript and Java
* Director, Shockwave, Lingo

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